keep liver healthy

The liver is one of the most important parts of the human body and an adult liver weighs 3 pounds. We should try to keep liver healthy. The body of the liver is involved in many important functions. For example, digestive power, metabolism, increase in immunity, body nutrition, etc. A healthy liver controls the blood flow of the body, removes harmful toxins from the blood, provides nutrients in all parts of the body. Liver vitamins, iron and general sugar glucose preserves.

Since the liver is an important part of our body, it should be kept vigorous in any way. Unhealthy living conditions have a bad effect on the body’s liver. Weight loss, heart disease, feeling a lot of fatigue, digestive problems, allergies, etc. All these diseases can be caused due to ill lever. So, to keep body and liver healthy, you should know some foods that keep you healthy.
Garlic is the best food to keep liver clean. Enzymes of garlic clean the harmful toxic material of the liver.

It has two more elements called Alicin and Selenium which keep the liver clean and protect it from harmful toxic elements.

2 foods keep liver healthy

1. Take 2/3 garlic cloves at any time.
2. If you want, you can also take vitamins made from garlic with a doctor’s advice.
The lemon antioxidant material helps to keep the body liver clean and the de limonen element activates the liver enzyme. Besides, lemon Vitamin C creates more enzymes in liver, which is useful for digestion. The lemon mineral liver increases the strength of the absorption of various nutrients. Drink leopard at home and keep leopard for drinking at any time. Drink lemonade every day, if you want honey can also mix.
Eating one apple per day, it keeps the liver healthy. Also apple’s pectin, fiber removes cholesterol from toxin and blood from the digestive tract and also keeps the liver healthy. There are some more elements in Apple – Malice acid, which naturally removes harmful toxins from the blood. Any kind of apple is so good for the body liver. So take one apple every day to keep liver healthy.