signs breast cancer

Some way to signs breast cancer. Breast cancer has the highest mortality rates in women. Generally, the risk of developing this cancer is more than 50 years of age. Surprisingly, it hard to make women aware of this cancer so many days, but now people trying hard to make men aware.¬†Because, men also have breast cancer. signs way breast cancer. Although men’s breast cancer rate is very low. As a result, 41,000 women get breast cancer every year in the UK, compare to only 300 people affect this disease.

Signs breast cancer 

  1. Any part of the breast becomes wheel wheel or any lamps visible
  2. Changes in size or shape of the nipples
  3. Changes in nipple shape
  4. Blood or fluid from the nipple
  5. Rash around the nipple
  6. Swelling or wheezing
  7. Growing or hardening inside the nipple

When to go to the doctor?

If one or more of the above symptoms is found in you, you should go to the doctor without delay. But there is no reason to worry first. Because most of the changes in the shape of the breast, which are not cancer.
In most case, these can see as a common problem and they can sure quickly through treatment. But if there is a real problem, then the doctor will advise you for a better test. They may be due to a common tumor, and there is nothing to fear about it. And if cancer is taken, then proper treatment will done.

This is very dangerous disease for every woman. every man take careful about this disease. And we hope it will very nice solution.
every man can attract every disease so we should talk to one another about disease.
And Breast cancer is very harmful for a woman’s life lead in the world.

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