whiten teeth naturally

Those who suffer from tooth decay, they try to bring normal whiteness to the teeth in various ways. Various types of toothpaste, powders, floss- they are applied to it. But none of the benefits is very good. In that case, they are looking for ways to make sure that the yellow teeth are white. Is there any way to do that whiten teeth naturally? Hopefully, there is a lot of ways. And in this way only 3 minutes will be yellowish tooth whitish white.

Just 3 Minute to make whiten teeth naturally from yellow

To make this strategy work, there are only two common household items. The first is baking soda, and the second is the leaf lemon juice. Know what to do now. Take a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl.

Now add one half lemon juices cut into it. Now mix two pieces of spoon. See, the mixture is initially foam-shaped. But after a short period, the mixture will look like a thick liquid. Apply this fluid on your toes and put it on your tooth. Remember, the tooth is not needed to grind the mixture like a tooth.

Just put the mixture on the top of the teeth. After three minutes, wash the face after making it cool. Now look at the mirror. See,

Your yellow teeth has become white.

This is a tested domestic plank to whiten teeth. There is no risk of damage to the dentist or face. And check out the effectiveness of this strategy, do not see it yourself!